The French competition authority (conseil de la concurrence) has fined France Télécom (FT) €80m for abuse of its dominant position in the wholesale ADSL internet market.

The Competition Appeal Tribunal gets tough with pharmaceutical producer Genzyme

The Genzyme case centred on the pharmaceutical company’s supply of a drug called Cerezyme, which, until recently, was the only treatment for Gaucher disease, a rare inherited disorder.

Combining legal certainty and an economic ef fect-based approach

“That which is a law today is none tomorrow.” Such is the way the English philosopher, Robert Burton, conceived the legal order at the beginning of the 17th century.

The Norwegian competition authority has told the dairy producer TINE that it faces a fine of approximately €5.8m for infringing national competition legislation.

The German federal cartel office – the Bundeskartellamt – is curently examining complaints by German industry about the pricing policy of major national electricity providers.

The Economic Advisory Group for Competition Policy is an independent forum for academic economists nominated by DG Competition's chief economist.

Are special competition rules required?

On 1 July this year, the Dutch government announced that it would not propose a rule preventing retailers from selling goods below the purchase price.

Competition policy and abuses of a non-dominant position

By David Wood*

Yvert & Tellier enjoys a world reputation for its stamp catalogues and price tables.

A survey of recent developments in competition policy

By Celia Hampton*

Criminally uncompetitive

The Commission fines AstraZeneca €60m

By Thomas Heide and Cameron Firth*

The ECJ declines to rule in the key Syfait case

On 31 May 2005, the European Court of Justice declined to issue a judgment on the substantive issues in the Syfait case.

Telephone information in Finland